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About Mace Machine

Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Alan Mason, Mace Machine has quickly become a trusted and indispensable partner for numerous prominent aerospace and defense companies. Leveraging Mason's extensive experience and insights from 45 years in the manufacturing sector, the company has established a reputation for excellence and reliability in a highly competitive field.

The Swiss Difference: Precision and Efficiency Redefined

Swiss-type CNC machines revolutionize manufacturing with their unique design, where the raw material is precisely fed through a collet while the tools remain stationary. This innovative approach not only enhances manufacturing efficiency but also significantly reduces lead times, resulting in considerable cost savings.

One standout feature of CNC Swiss screw machines is their remarkable capability to produce small diameter parts with complex features while maintaining tight tolerances. This precision is consistent regardless of the part length, whether it be as short as 0.12 inches or as long as 12 feet, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in every project.

Furthermore, Swiss-style machines distinctively use oil as the cutting fluid, in contrast to the more commonly used water-based fluids. This choice of oil not only provides superior lubrication during the cutting process but also minimizes the risk of bacterial growth, promoting a cleaner and more stable manufacturing environment. In summary, the Swiss-style CNC machine represents a significant leap in machining technology, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and quality in metalworking.

What Sets Us Apart

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Effective service is the backbone of our business being successful. Don’t be less than satisfied.

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Our team takes pride in building long-term relationships with our clients by continually supplying them with high-quality parts with reliable, on-time delivery.
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Through experience in these diverse and high-tech markets, our founder fully understood the best techniques for expert precision machining. There isn’t much we haven’t seen.
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We know real quality lasts. We ensure accuracy in both prototype and production quantities by educating our employees and following a system of in-process cross-checks.

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With some of the most experienced Swiss CNC machinists in the area and a dedicated support team, you can trust that your order will be processed, machined, inspected, and shipped to your exact requirements.

We service a wide range of industries from aerospace and defense to art and fashion to everyday commercial components and have become a trusted resource for many other machine shops in New England and beyond.

Mace Machine is currently ITAR registered and in the process of obtaining AS9100 certification.

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